Basic Qualities of a Great Digital Marketer

Basic Qualities of a Great Digital Marketer

Yes, the digital market is here to stay. There is not a single day that can pass without technology at our fingertips. 

Be it a mobile, a laptop, or a simple digital advertising screen, the internet and you are bound together in more ways than one. Therefore, the importance of digital media cannot be undermined. 

It has given rise to a new profession and career path-Digital Marketing. Through this blog, we have tried to shed some light on how to become a good digital marketer. 

Answering First Questions First

The 4 W’s of Digital Marketing 

What is Digital Marketing? 

In simple language, digital marketing is any form of advertising through electronic form and digital channels. 

When Did Digital Marketing Start?

Interestingly, the use of email as a marketing tool was in 1978. The sender was Gary Thuerk. 

His email was sent to more than 400 recipients as a promotion for his company’s products. The result was a whopping 13 million worth of sales. 

This is the power of digital marketing. 

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Digital marketing has picked up momentum over the years. The advancement of technology has brought with it an altered life for humans. 

Consequentially, social media is catching up with the old and young together. The Internet is erasing the lines of disparity and bridging the gaps between nations.

Statistics show that over half the world’s population has access to the internet. All in all, digital marketing is the new age of advertising.

Where is Digital Marketing Used?

Everywhere. This requires no further explanation. It’s a simple word and easy to understand-EVERYWHERE, just EVERYWHERE.

A person who would like to market his/ her products or services may use his own skill to market a product or service, or hire specialised digital marketers. This has resulted in Digital marketing becoming a separate field of interest, giving rise to a new career option. 

A good digital marketer requires certain skills and competence. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to become a good digital marketer.

Learn the Fundamentals

The digital marketing space is infinite. Making yourself seen in an infinite expanse is a task in itself. 

Absorbing the basics and learning the tricks of the different types of digital marketing is a fundamental requirement. 

Some of the types of digital marketing are as follows. 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Public Relations

Learning the basics of all these types of digital marketing is a good start.

Absorb from The Masters

As digital marketing is a form of advertising, it is, therefore, important that you learn from the experience of others in the field. 

It is one of the important means of how to become a good digital marketer. Learning from other professional digital marketers, seniors and peers, is a way to improve yourself. 

Learn from their experiences- their shortcomings and their success stories. Also, interacting with people of your genre can keep you in the loop. Creating a link with others improves communication skills. 

Developing good communication skills is one of the foremost qualities of a good digital marketer.

Become an Internet Worm or Should We Say an “Internet Bug”

Bookworms read a lot. Internet worms read a lot more. Familiarise yourself with blogs and content that help you improve your digital marketing power.

One of the top influencers that write extensively on digital marketing is Neil Patel. Reading his blogs and other bestselling authors give you an insight into what to expect from the marketing world. 

Social Media – The Perfect Attention Seeker

Keeping track of big players in the digital marketing field is not an option. A good digital marketer requires to be abreast with all the social media platforms at all times. 

With the whole world connected to the web, Social media advertising has become an absolute necessity. Many blogs and articles available online aid you in creating the perfect content for various social media platforms. 

For more details on creating better social media campaigns refer here.

Apply for a Certificate Course

Although you may be tech-savvy, it is always advisable to certify yourself in digital marketing. Obtaining a certification adds weightage and is an attractive feature when marketing yourself to prospective customers. 

There are several certified courses that can fulfill your dream of making digital marketing your choice of career.

Find a course that suits your criteria


Plan an internship in a marketing firm. Applying for an apprenticeship in a marketing firm exposes you to a professional environment. 

Blending professionalism and digital marketing can act to your advantage. Many digital marketing companies are on the lookout for interns. 

Keep an eye out for a good internship offer. These are the building blocks for a strong career in digital marketing. 

The experience you gain in an internship will aid you in your path as a professional digital marketer. Although you may not be given complete responsibility as an intern, it puts you face to face with actual obstacles.

Never Stop Learning

The digital expanse is an ever-changing area. What was prevalent 5 years ago is not today. The fast-paced world of the internet space forces digital marketing professionals to keep UpToDate. 

New automation and new telecommunication every day lead to new learning every second. One of the inherent qualities of a good digital marketer is an aroused curiosity and passion for learning. 

Digital marketers cannot afford to be sluggish or inert. Quick on the uptake and renovated information are the order of the day. 

Persistence is the Key to Success

A digital marketer must always remember that the fruits of a good campaign are never an overnight result. The process is slow, but a good campaign almost always results in a victory. 

The methods always involve testing, trials, and evaluation. Embrace negativity as well as you embrace success in a digital marketing campaign. 

Research, Investigate and Explore

If you are looking for answers on how to become a good digital marketer, remember to Research, Investigate and Explore. Research the products and services, investigate the content, and explore your possibilities. 

Each product or service in the market has varied end-users. Therefore, thorough research on the product/ service is an essential prerequisite for digital marketing. 

Once the end-user is defined, an investigation into the type of content that would work is mandatory. The type of content for the campaign will depend on the type of end-user. 

When the product/ service and content are determined, you must then explore the range of digital marketing platforms that would work for the product or service. The digital media plan for a particular product or service may not work as well for another. 

A World-Class Digital Marketer

In conclusion, it is fair to say that mastering the skills of digital marketing requires endurance and composure. Online marketing is an extensive field. 

The above suggestions serve as a small guide to master the digital marketing platform. Always remember that in online marketing, “Never stop learning, because the world wide web never stops teaching.”

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