Amazing Benefits and Features of Woocommerce Plugin

Amazing Benefits and Features of WooCommerce Plugin

Making and maintaining an e-Commerce store requires a lot of preparation. You may be considering starting your own e-Commerce store or getting tired of the constant tweaking your e-Commerce site demands. In any case, running and maintaining a sound e-Commerce site is challenging.

Yes, many eCommerce companies get launched every year as it has become easier and more affordable for retailers to launch online.

There is a variety of systems like Shopify or self-host software like Magento or WooCommerce that can help you realize your e-commerce site.

But, given the wide variety of options available for you to choose from, do you know which is the easiest option that is best suited for the overall growth of your company?

Running an eCommerce store requires a lot of work. Aside from scaling up, you need to tie up with logistics or drop shipping companies for shipping physical products, packaging, and many other issues.

However, despite the many challenges an eCommerce store presents, there is one such e-commerce software that takes care of all your needs.

WooCommerce is used by around 2.3 million eCommerce shops worldwide. The amazing benefits and features of the woocommerce plugin make the software specifically attractive for new store owners.

It takes care of almost all the requirements your eCommerce site will need and hence is preferred as well recommended globally.

There are several advantages of WooCommerce, which is an e-Commerce plugin developed as an extension for WordPress.

Along with being extremely user-friendly, WooCommerce has dozens of features that are vital for the smooth functioning of your eCommerce site. All the Woocommerce features are useful whether you are starting a new online shop or upgrading it.

WooCommerce plugin may be considered the most popular and significant tool for an e-commerce store which also helps in making our e-commerce website SEO friendly.

Given the various advantages of WooCommerce and its global success, here are some of the main benefits of WooCommerce.

Benefits of WooCommerce

1. WooCommerce Is Free

Woocommerce makes selling products online a breeze and its fantastic cost of costing you nothing simply makes it an absolute favorite among new eCommerce shop owners.

WooCommerce is free and all you need to do is install the plugin and let it do its magic. Having said that, the plugin also has some advanced features that you will need to pay for, but on the basic level, it is free and very potent.

Meanwhile, you need to note that you will need to pay for hosting services from a web hosting company to host your website.

The costs vary depending on the plan you opt for. You can try hosting from trusted companies like Hostgator or GoDaddy and then simply add the plugin to your WordPress CMS. On the other hand, if you already have a hosted website, just install the plugin in the backend.

2. User-Friendly

user friendly

Millions of websites use WooCommerce and you’ve already have had experience with it somewhere or the other. Being a WordPress plugin, it will be very easy to figure out if you’ve had some earlier experience with the CMS.

Besides, it is easy to learn even for a newbie. Its setting page has a normal WordPress layout and this familiarity reduces confusion and increases time efficiency while creating your new online store.

3. All You Need Basic Functions

Woocommerce comes with all the features you need to run your new web store efficiently. it will help you from listing new products to ordering and billing them. Besides, it allows you to sell anything from digital downloads to physical products.

The best part of this free e-commerce Worpress plugin is that its basic functions work quickly and reliably. However, they can be further expanded as per upcoming requirements.

You could do it yourself or hire a professional WooCommerce development company to do the necessary.

Some of the main features of WooCommerce are:

  • Unrestricted Customization
  • Embedded Blogs
  • Easy to Manage Product Categories
  • Tags and Attributes
  • Product Ratings and Reviews
  • Product Classification and Filtering
  • Location Customization Including Currency, Language, and Units of Measure

4. Professional Plugin

It may be free software, but Woocommerce is through and through professional in design. Hence it is highly customizable for WooCommerce developers.

Besides, the platform provides detailed order tracking and customer engagement tools. This is an important feature that allows customers to view past orders and get status updates on their deliveries.

The plugin also provides a variety of tax settings and shipping options. In its entirety, WooCommerce makes your online store well organized leaving a very good impression on your customers.

5. Safety First

WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) is updated regularly thus keeping all security concerns at bay. In other words, the regular updates keep the POS always compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and eliminate bugs if any.

WooCommerce works with leading experts in the web security industry and constantly monitors any vulnerabilities or bugs and fixes them with quick updates. Aside from that, the one-click update system makes updating WooCommerce security patches a breeze.

6. In-Built Analytics


Having an analytics tool is essential to keep track of your e-commerce website, but beginners may find it a tad difficult to make use of analytics.

However, WooCommerce simplifies the issue by providing a built-in analytics tool that simplifies analysis and does everything on its own.

It gathers all the information like sales by date, individual customer statistics, total sales, or average order totals and presents it in the form of a pie chart.

Thus, you can check the daily performance of your online store with zero effort. Besides, you can easily integrate modern analytics solutions like Google Analytics with WooCommerce.

7. Very Flexible Plugin

Another advantage of WooCommerce features is that the plugin offers a lot of flexibility. The store can sell virtual, physical, and even downloadable products, and the products and be ranked and have prices assigned at any time during the day.

You can also change item positions around the page whenever you want. Besides, WooCommerce POS accepts different types of payments thus providing flexible paying options for the customers.

8. Widely Customizable Themes

WooCommerce comes with multiple customization options and this allows you to make your online store a unique environment as well as a shopping experience for your customers.

WooCommerce comes with a wide selection of themes and there’s one or two that will catch your eye. Pick the theme you fancy and then customize it by experimenting with colors and styles. The best part of WooCommerce themes is that you can change the theme whenever you like.

9. Also Assists in Content Marketing

Online marketing thrives on content marketing. Making use of targeted long-tail keywords helps in ranking higher your website on Google SERP.

WordPress is the undisputed leader in offering content to your prospects and the integration of WooCommerce only increases its potency.

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10. SEO-Friendly

Any website works best only if it is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and this holds true for selling products online as well.

In other words, people will find your products in search engine results only if the product pages of your online store are optimized.

However, since WooCommerce is compatible with WordPress, it naturally is SEO-friendly and helps in easily editing the body content, URLs, meta descriptions, alt tags, and other page elements to optimize product pages. Besides, the process is straightforward and requires no knowledge of coding.

11. Has Excellent Community Support


WooCommerce derives many benefits through new features and faster improvement from the global developer community. The community empowers you with all the support and resources that you need and makes 2it easy to get started.

WooCommerce Community inspires you to start and grow an eCommerce business through a variety of forums, local meetups, Facebook groups, and live shows every week.


In conclusion, e-Commerce is the most sought-after form of business in the online world today and WooCommerce is one of the most favored and widely used eCommerce solutions.

It is a simple, powerful, and feature-rich digital shopping solution based on the WordPress platform. Whether as a beginner or as an experienced user, WooCommerce comes with amazing features and benefits that can be used by anyone with much ease.

Yet, if you are still unsure about how to make the best use of WooCommerce powered by WordPress, then get in touch with the experienced WooCommerce and WordPress developers of OneCity and breathe life into your unique online store.

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