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  • Importance of Responsive Web Design
  • Benefits of responsive web design
  • Business benefits of responsive web design

With time things change and so does display size. During the nascent period of the internet, websites were designed to the dimensions that suited best to the then CRT monitors.

However, monitors soon underwent a revolution and their shapes and sizes changed into massive or minuscule. This paved way for the requirement of responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) makes a website look good on all devices like desktops, tablets, or smartphones.

Unlike earlier websites that appeared scrambled when seen on a display of a different size, responsive websites are coded to rescale themselves to the size of the display. This is achieved by using HTML and CSS which automatically resize the website.

5 Fantastic Benefits of Responsive Web Design

In the contemporary world, people exist online and they are fickle-minded. Thus if a website is not mobile-friendly then the chances of them visiting the site again is next to that ray of light gobbled by a black hole.

Mobile traffic has long surpassed desktop traffic and if a website suits only a single device, it has already gone extinct.

The importance of responsive design cannot be stressed enough in an ever-changing digital world. With the plethora of devices available in the market, a responsive web design is vital to surviving the market trend.

Over 3.6 billion people on the planet use smartphones and therefore it is well advised to utilize the several advantages of responsive web design.

Although mobile has invaded every household in the world, one must bear in mind to keep the website mobile friendly.

Some of the many benefits of responsive web design are that it loads sites quickly without any distortions, automatic image resizing, and better search indexing. Here are 5 prominent benefits of responsive web design.

1. Better User Experience


A responsive web design enhances the user experience by making the interaction smooth. It’s mostly all about a good mobile experience with all parts of the website remaining proportional and responsive to the user’s device and his activity.

2. Pocket Friendly

Earlier, due to the variety of mobile display sizes, a business had to create multiple websites to suit particular devices. So when a user sent a request, a custom home page was sent based on the user’s device.

But since the mobile revolution and the emergence of responsive web design, the need to create multiple websites has been eliminated.

With an RWD, businesses can create a single website that caters to a variety of browsers, operating systems, and viewports.

3. Lower Bounce Rates

By implementing responsive web design, a website becomes both, attractive and user friendly, and thus succeeds in retaining the user for a longer period.

In case the website is not device-friendly, then it can lead to a higher bounce rate since it is clumsy and unattractive.

This means the search engine bots will consider the site to be unattractive which will only lower the website ranking. This is where an RWD shines bright by remaining accurate and fast no matter the device.

4. Low Maintenance

Maintaining a responsive web design is cost and time-effective. This is so because a business needs to have only one website to promote itself online and it caters to all devices including new ones.

5. Simplified Analytics


It is important to know where your traffic comes from and how they interact with the website.

This could be a tedious endeavor if a business were to have multiple websites for multiple devices and in turn have varied conversion paths, funnels, and redirects.

However, with responsive web design, the monitoring process gets highly simplified and with the use of tools like Google Analytics, a single report provides all the activity info across different devices.

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Top 8 Business Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Like the requirement of spiked shoes to run in the Olympics, the requirement of responsive web design is almost mandatory to survive in the web arena.

Websites now win over customers by providing impressive design, responsiveness, mobile-friendliness, and great functional features.

Responsive web design has many business benefits. By having a responsive website you will, a business can increase conversion rate and beat the competition.

It will also expand the business prospects and the brand to new horizons. Here are the 8 amazing Business benefits of responsive web design.

1. Improved Offline/Online Browsing Experience

Responsive websites are made with HTML5 which helps in making it easy to browse a website while on the go or offline. A saved page of a responsive web design will still retain its functions even when online.

Be it offline or online, visitors do not like to wait for a website to load or have to pinch or zoom to see it properly.

Also, the first impression is the only time you will capture the user’s attention. So equipped with RWD, the user will get a seamless experience no matter what option he chooses or where he enters the website.

2. Higher Mobile Traffic

Gone are the days when one visited a cyber to see a website. Currently, people walk around with the internet in their pockets and it’s in small screen devices where most of the online activity takes place.

This is where a business will find business and only with a professionally designed responsive website is it possible to become a part of the party.

3. SEO Boost

search engine optimisation

It is worth noting that Google prioritizes responsive and mobile-friendly websites.

In other words, a responsive web design automatically boosts Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and together you get more effective marketing campaigns with better search results on search engines. This means more profit as more customers come across your products and services.

4. Design Consistency

A responsive website is modern and remains consistent on a variety of devices. So, other than being attractive, it will also be user-friendly and quick.

RWD ensures that the website remains the same irrespective of which device the customer switches to.

5. Improved Conversion Rate

A consistent user experience reduces bounce rate and increases the conversion rate. The longer a visitor is going to stay on a website, the likelier it will convert into a sale or a subscription.

A professionally designed all platform website removes the frustration of waiting for the device-specific website to load.

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6. Quick Low-Cost Development

Not all businesses can afford to develop mobile apps for their business and this is where responsive websites come as a cost-effective alternative.

It will provide both, an online presence and a mobile presence for the company. It saves time and gives the best solution for the online needs of start-ups or small businesses.

7. Lower Maintenance

Since a responsive website can act both as a site and an app, the effort to maintain the website is reduced for the maintenance and support side.

Otherwise, two separate teams of developers would be required to maintain a website and a separate app.

8. Faster Loading


Mobile users don’t like waiting for a website to load. Either the website should load immediately or the website will not see that user again.

However, a responsive website is your now, not-so-secret trump card. A responsive website greatly reduces loading time for a website and also makes navigation easy.


In the digital age of online existence, a business without a responsive website means no business.

This article explains why you need a responsive website and all the benefits of responsive web design to reach the goal of a successful business enterprise.

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