Skills Every Digital Marketer Must Have

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Marketing is the act of spreading attractive information about your product or service to the general public and digital marketing is the same thing but accomplished digitally online.

You know you’ve seen the effects of digital marketing while browsing online and suddenly the internet recommends you exactly the product you require to solve your current quagmire.

Any form of marketing done online is digital marketing and it chiefly tries to spread brand awareness and create a lasting relationship with desired customers.

Digital marketing is a massive sea and is made of several specialties like content marketing, SEO, branding, market research, targeted ads, and more.

A digital marketer is a person working in the digital marketing industry and the profession is highly sought after. To venture into this profession one must have key skills for digital marketing.

Although you might be working in a particular niche, it is useful to have the most in-demand digital marketing skills.

11 Important Digital Marketer Skills

To become a digital marketer one must-have digital marketer skills. This profession aims to attract new customers on the internet and it is only natural that one is digitally fluent.

Yes, there are several specialist areas in this vast business that can be data-based, creative, or social. But one must also be well-versed in how the online world functions.

In other words, one will also need to have technical skills for digital marketing.  Digital marketing job requires different skillsets and talents depending upon the specialization.

Although there is a wide variety of vacancies in the area, here is a small sample of digital marketing careers one can try to get into including SEO specialist, copywriting, content writing, Social media marketer, Graphic designer, Videographer, Content marketer, Paid digital advertising specialist and more.

What skills does a digital marketer needs may depend on the specialization that you want to make a career off and here are the 10 most in-demand digital marketing skills that will land you your dream job.

1. Content Writing

Marketing and writing go hand in hand. Hence content writing and editing are a very vital part of digital marketing. An attractively written blog post can work wonders.

It can simultaneously generate leads, sales, and promotion. Thus writing and editing abilities are much sought after in digital marketing.

Copywriting is another part of the same field. It means writing marketing words and can be anything from writing a compelling letter to a video script.

Essentially, the copywriter can make qualitative changes to their writing depending on where it will be used.

2. Email Marketing


Millions of people send and receive emails daily. Thus businesses make use of email marketing to reach their specific audience.

Email marketing is an umbrella term and makes use of different strategies which also require their own set of skills.

The different email marketing methods include Webinar, conference, and event invitations, Company newsletters, Promotional offers, Product updates, welcome emails, and more.

3. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method used to gain more organic search results instead of paid search results (ads).

In digital marketing, the proper utilization and understanding of SEO is almost everything. It generally tries to naturally get visitors to the website instead of paid advertisements.

This is achieved through content marketing, guest blogging, link building, keyword incorporation, social marketing, and other tactics. The necessity of keyword research in SEO cannot be stressed enough.

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4. Social Paid Advertising

During its growing stages, social media was free but now, you pay to reach your audience. In other words, by using social paid advertising, people ensure their content gets distributed to their audience on social media sites.

The ability to copy write is essential here and so is the knowledge on how to monitor and alter bids to optimize your ads.

5. Creativity and Analytical Abilities

Digital marketing thrives on creativity and analytics. This form of marketing will equally require photography, writing, and design on one side and Google Analytics, CRO, marketing automation on the other.

So the success of digital marketing lies in the ability to juggle and properly use art and science and is one of the skills every digital marketer must-have.

6. WordPress CMS

Wordpress logo

There are billions of websites on the internet and WordPress has become the most popular CMS globally. It is mainly preferred for being user-friendly and SEO-ready.

Hence many world-renowned companies like CNN,,, Spotify, and others use this CMS.

Hence knowing how to use WordPress CMS is essential for either the brand you work for is already using the CMS or will eventually switch to it.

7. Data Analytics

As a digital marketer one needs to be comfortable with gathering, analyzing, or interpreting data. It is necessary to track the success of campaigns and projects and that is where data analytics comes into play.

The difference in using the right keyword can decide if you’ll get a new email sign-up or a subscriber. A large company my used multiple data analytics and data engineers but while working for a small business, a single person will have to deal with it.

Although it may seem overwhelming, it breaks down to web analytics and familiarity with Google analytics. Later a little SQL (Structured Query Language) injection may be required to understand the data better.

8. Marketing Automation and CRM

Digital marketing has several moving parts and all are interdependent. Hence all must work together smoothly and this can be achieved through automation.

It could be as simple as sending a welcome email to someone who joins your email list and then adding them to a newsletter list.

This is achieved through small automation software and many of them come free and inexpensive. Similarly, automation can be used for a variety of purposes.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool can also be automated. It can track important data like checking which automated workflow the visitors pass through. There are free CRMs available to achieve this too.

9. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Digital marketing is not only to get traffic to a website but also to convert the traffic into customers.

To see what converts the best, different calls-to-action (CTAs), website pages, copy are used and the method is known as CRO. It can be a combination of website design, copywriting, and user experience.

10. Influencer Marketing

Making use of online influencers to distribute, co-create and raise brand awareness is an important digital marketing skill.

The ability to understand how to connect with online influencers and turn them from unaware to advocates is valuable. Knowing how to use a tool like Traackr will be an advantage.

11. Communication Skill

people communicating

Communication is an important skill a digital marketer should have. One must know how to communicate and work with teams, share ideas and manipulate people into buying services and products.


In the world of digital marketing possessing technical skills for digital marketing is essential. The use of words, art, and analysis is what the game is about.

Equipped with the digital marketer skills mentioned in this article you’ll surely be able to become a successful digital marketing professional.

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