Web Hosting And Its Benefits

web hosting

What Is Web Hosting?

The name is a giveaway. Web hosting hosts your website. In other words, it is a service that allows you to post your website on the internet.

A web hosting provider is a business that provides technology so that your website can be viewed on the internet. Websites are hosted through what is called web servers.

A web server is a computer that provides data to other computers through Local Area Network (LAN)or Wide Area Network (WAN)

In simple terms, you can say that the web hosting provider is renting out a small space on the internet to host your website.

Apart from this space, your web hosting provider will provide you with peripherals like maintenance of the server, email accounts among others.

Once you have purchased this space from the web hosting provider, you can host your website. Your website is now visible to the world.

Before you embark on selecting a good web hosting provider for your business, you must understand that there are various kinds of web hosting.

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Each type has different features that may or may not suit your kind of business. So, it is advisable to study each type of web hosting so that it is easier to determine which type will suit your business.

Some of the different kinds of web hosting are:

  • Shared Hosting

This type of hosting is the basic type of hosting. It is economical and one of the most preferred choices of web hosting.

Websites that use shared hosting will be sharing resources with other websites. Not much technical know-how is required for setting up shared hosting.

  • VPS Hosting

This is the Virtual Private Server. This kind of hosting is a step above shared hosting. Here, your website will share its resources with fewer other websites and not a large number as in the case of shared hosting.

The name is derived from the fact that the main server is divided into multiple smaller servers.

  • Dedicated Hosting

As the name suggests, you have a server dedicated to yourself. The servers work only for your website.

Dedicated servers are more expensive as all the resources are utilised only for your website and are not shared.

However, the performance of the website will be of superior quality.

  • Cloud Hosting

This is the latest type of hosting. This has different servers that perform different tasks.

The benefit of web hosting through cloud hosting is that if one server malfunctions, the other connected server kicks in to perform those functions.

This kind of hosting is preferred because of the minimum malfunctions.

  • Shared and Managed WordPress Hosting

This kind of web hosting optimises WordPress as your content management system. It usually has pre-installed WordPress.

What Are the Benefits of Web Hosting?

We all know, in the growing age of technology, having a web presence is paramount. Almost everything nowadays is done on the internet. Money transactions, business deals, and trade.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of web hosting for your business.

Puts You on The Map

Web hosting puts your business in the open. It allows you to market yourself on the world wide web. Web hosting allows you to have an online presence in the form of a website, blog, or social media profile.

Web Hosting Is Reliable 

When we talk of reliability it means the availability of your website on the internet. A good web hosting provider will ensure that your website is visible on the internet 99% of the time. The remaining 1% is a reserve probability in case of server maintenance issues or other concerns. 

Provides For Storage

Web hosting provides storage. One of the benefits of web hosting is that it provides storage space on the web for your website. It includes space for your images, data, and other files related to your website. 

Provides Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic your website can sustain at any given point in time. Web hosting providers usually offer unlimited bandwidth to website owners for hosting websites.

Your Website Is Safe and Secure

Web hosting provides for the safety and security of your website. A web hosting provider ensures that your website is safe and firewalls are in place.

Web hosting ensures that your website is safe from hackers and intruders. Through good web hosting, you rarely lose files.

Support Team

Web hosting ensures that there is a support team to back you up whenever there is some technical issue with your website.

At times there may be glitches in your website, the support team of your web hosting provider will look into it immediately.

Increase Sales

If your business is dependent on online sales for profits, then having a good web hosting provider is advisable. Your website needs to be visible on the internet in order to perform.

As discussed above, web hosting provides 99% visibility.

Web Hosting Contributes to The Seo Rankings

Search Engine Optimisation refers to the ranking of your website in various search engines. Web hosting is also a contributory factor.

At times, webpage loading speed may reduce due to glitches from your end. You may have used too many resources on your website or for any other reason.

One of the important advantages of web hosting is that it provides good packages to run your website well.

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With Web Hosting, You Can Have Multiple Domains

As your business grows you will find the need to expand your website too. Web hosting providers allow you to manage your domains.

You can add multiple domains into a single account. A professional web hosting provider provides you with emails and domains.

SSL Certificate and Emails

Web hosting provides SSL certificates and emails. Depending on what kind of web hosting package you choose for your business, the web hosting provider will provide you with an SSL certificate and emails.

A website needs an SSL certificate to keep data secure and prevent hackers and intruders from creating fake versions of your website.

Now that we have mentioned a bit about the importance of web hosting for your business. It is evident that you cannot compromise on the performance of your website.

A website and web hosting are very important for the growth of your business. The kind of web hosting you choose impacts the performance of your website and thereby determines profits or losses for your business.

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