What Are the Benefits Of Web Designing & Development for A Business Website?

Benefits of web design and development

Do you own a business? Or do you have a service you would like to offer the public? If your answer is yes, the first thing you need is a website.

A website is a set of web pages that consists of information about your business. It is the most common and most effective form of communication between you and your customers. At times, it is the first form of communication between your business and prospective customers. 

The internet has become a global marketplace. Buyers are constantly fed information through the internet. Getting your product noticed, out of millions of similar products, can be an uphill task. This is where websites play an important role. 

A website features all the information related to the products or services you deal in. In other words, a website is a mini shopping arcade. Now that it is clear that websites are very important for a business, we need to know the art of creating a website or web designing.

Websites have many aspects to them. For starters, we need to know what exactly is web designing and web development and the difference between the two. What is the importance of a website for a business and what are its benefits?

What Is Web Designing?

Web designing is the art of designing a website. It deals with the appearance and layout of the website. It is concerned with the appearance and appeal to the user.

Whereas web development, on the other hand, refers to the technical aspect of websites. It pertains to the building and maintenance of the website.

Since websites are a great crowd puller, web designing plays an important role. It is that appeal, look and design of a website that attracts a customer. When a company appoints a good web designer, it is making a profitable investment in the long run. There are numerous advantages of web designing for a company. 

Benefits of Web Designing

Impressionable Beginning

They say that you never get a second chance to make a great first impression. So is the case with a website. A website is usually the first step in marketing.

It is the first form of communication between the business and the customer. Therefore, making a good first impression is of the utmost importance. An appealing website attracts the customer. 

Engaging Customers

Once a prospective customer clicks on your website, a well-designed website will be able to engage the customer to browse through your website for a longer period. Quoting from research conducted by Jakob Neilson on the topic ‘Human-computer interaction, web usability in 2011’ showed that “Users often leave Web pages in 10–20 seconds, but pages with a clear value proposition can hold people’s attention for much longer. To gain several minutes of user attention, you must clearly communicate your value proposition within 10 seconds.

Therefore, it can be concluded that a good web design, can engage users and prevent them from exiting the web pages.

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Keeping Competitors at Bay

An attractive website gives you an upper edge over your competitors. This is one of the foremost benefits of web designing. Spending effort on creating an attractive website will give you a competitive edge over your business rivals.

Your Business Grows

A well-designed website attracts customers, increases sales and thereby results in profits for the business. With the internet becoming a global marketplace, sales can take place from any corner of the world.

So having a good website only increases your worth in the market place. Investing in a well-designed web site will reap long term benefits. 

The Science of Colour Psychology

Believe it or not colour combinations, schemes and arrangements can make or break a deal. This is called colour psychology.

It is the science of colours in relation to human behaviour. This science aims to decipher how different colours influence certain decisions in our day-to-day life including purchases. 

Colour psychology is an important tool in marketing. In their article Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Lauren I Labrecque and George R Milne demonstrated how colour is an important tool of marketing.

Therefore, since websites are an important tool of marketing too, it is evident that using the right colours on your website will result in higher sales. A well-designed website, using the perfect colour combinations, shades and hues have the ability to attract a larger number of customers.

Colours, shades font and styles may seem a trivial issue to some. However, it plays an influential role when it comes to the performance of a website. Cameron Chapman, author of two books ‘Colour for Web Design’ and the ‘Smashing Idea Book’ has given a detailed report on the cause and effect of colour psychology. 

A Money Saver

An excellently designed website is an investment in good advertising. You can save on other advertising channels if you invest in a well-designed website. This is another important benefit of web designing. Hiring a good web designer to design and create your website should be your priority. 

Builds Brand Identity

A good website design builds your business label, logo and brand. It informs the public of your business.

A website, unlike other forms of advertising, has no limitation on the number of web pages you can add. This means that you can put across a world of information to the public. An attractive web design can increase business credibility.

Now that we have made it clear what web designing is, we move on to the other aspect of a website- Web development

Web development deals with the technicalities of hosting a website. Creating and designing an attractive website is not the end. Hosting, maintaining, and upgrading the website is an important aspect too. Making sure that the user can navigate the website is part of web development. 

The benefits of a good web development plan can be summarised as follows

Search Engine Optimisation 

Search engine Optimization or SEO means the practice of increasing the quality traffic to your website through search engine results. When you type a query in a search engine box a list of relevant web links appears. This happens because search engines have crawlers that gather information about the content on the world wide web. The crawlers then build an index of all this information. It then uses a search engine algorithm to match it to your query.

An important aspect of web development is ensuring that your website appears at the top of all the links the search engine picks out. A good web developer ensures just this. Web development can make certain that your website appears on the first page of a search engine result.

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Responsive to Different Devices

Another advantage of web development is that it ensures that your website is user friendly on any device. A user may access your website through a mobile or laptop or desktop or any other device.

A good web developer can ensure that your website is accessible and equally user friendly on all devices. Irrespective of screen size or touch screen pads.

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Web Development Uses Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that helps you measure your website performance. This helps you to make amends in your marketing strategies thereby leading to better business performance. This is an important part of web development. Hiring a good web developer will be able to use Google analytics to advise you on how to better your marketing strategies.

Page Speed Updates

According to an article written by Ankit Oberoi in Website Magazine, 47% of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, and 40 % of visitors will leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds.

This is where web development plays an important role. A web developer can ensure that the website loads within a specific time and users are kept within the parameters of the website. 

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Website Advertisements

Allowing other business advertisements on your website is an advantage of web development. The host website will charge a fee to display the advertisement. 

Web designing and web development are two very important aspects of web hosting. Investing in a good web designer and developer will reap benefits for your business.

Since it is one of the first impressions between a business and a user, it is important that these two aspects are well catered to. Remember a website can promote your business 24/7 and 365 days in a year. No employee can ever do that.

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