10 Reasons Why the Travel and Tourism Industry Require Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing to Travel Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Digital Marketing as the name suggests is the utilisation of the internet for marketing or promotional needs. With the advent of the internet as a tool of communication, there is no doubt that digital marketing has become an important aspect of every business

In the recent past, Digital Marketing in Mysore, Coorg has forayed into the travel and tourism industry with unabated fervour. People are now looking to travel to destinations with just a click of the finger. No longer, are people willing to wait in long queues for tickets or passes. Speed and comfort are the watchwords of today. Everyone wants to make quick bookings while surrounded in comfort.

With this important development, digital media has become the backbone of the travel and tourism industry. Every Travel company, Resort, Homestay and Tourist destination in Mysore, Coorg regions require the services of digital marketing agency to promote their services and beat stiff competition.

10 Reasons Why the Travel and Tourism Industry Require Digital Marketing Services

Flow chart of importance of digital marketing for tourism and resorts

With the advent of technology in every field of business, the travel and tourism industry too has not been spared. Every tourism company and hospitality business requires an online presence to get noticed. So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the travel, tourism and hospitality industry require a digital presence for promotional activities.

First Impressions Are Always the Last Impressions

A website is the online face of your company. It is the first interaction a user has with your company. A person who is inclined to do business with your company will usually first proceed to search for you online. Therefore, it is the first impression you give your customers. So, it is obvious that you have to make this first impression a great impression.

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Increases Trustworthiness of Your Firm

Having an online presence in the form of an app or website gives credibility to your business. A firm having a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website will always be a more credible firm than one with no website or a poorly designed website. When a user searches for your online presence and does not find an up-to-the-mark digital page of your firm, you are at risk of being discredited as a worthless travel, tourism or hospitality company.

A Website Portrays Exactly What You Do and How You Do It

Mobile Friendly Website for a Tourism Travel Resort website service functionality

Through a well-designed website, your firm can portray to prospective customers exactly what you do and how you do it. A website can manage the task of a sales or marketing executive without much effort.

Share More Information than You Can Imagine

A website or apps are digital platforms where abundant information can be shared. Apart from information about your company, a website for the travel, tourism and hospitality industry can share blogs, articles and information on different places and include snippets on various topics like culture, traditions and cuisines.

Many travel websites also include blogs of different travellers sharing their experiences of travel. Such inclusions in the website add more credibility to your firm.

A website can also share links to other related information available on the internet

Pictures Speak a Thousand Words

As the saying goes “Pictures speak a thousand words” so is true with a website. A website has visual appeal. A website can be made attractive with the use of pictures and colour. Research has shown that colours have an impact on the psychology of a person and can be used effectively to attract or distract a person. The advantage of websites is that they can use a blend of colours and pictures to attract a user, which could not have otherwise been done.

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 Reviews and Testimonials

A website or app can showcase customer reviews and testimonials. This has become an integral part of building the credibility of your firm. Research has shown that over 90% of customers read online reviews before visiting a business and 87% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Fosters Third-Party Partnerships

Growing and expanding a business is a dream of every industrialist. A website can foster this growth by helping you connect with third parties that seek an alliance and collaborate. For example, a foreign travel agency or homestay may want to collaborate with your firm to host their guests traveling to your locality.

Great Medium for Advertising

Websites are a great medium to advertise. With the onset of websites in the tourism industries, travel companies can now advertise tour packages and great holiday deals without spending on advertising the same through other mediums.

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Online Bookings

online booking for travel tourism resorts

Having a website completely wipes out the need for middlemen to complete bookings and reservations. Bookings and reservations can be directly done through the website. This becomes an attractive feature for users as it is a time saver.

Just Google it

The term Google has almost become a generic term to mean “search”. Nowadays, internet users use the internet to search for any type of information. So much so, that if you aren’t found on Google, it’s almost like you don’t exist. Having a website with good SEO content allows you to get noticed by Google and other search engines across the globe.

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