6 Miracle Steps to Become Successful and Achieve Goals in your Life

Set Goals

We have been interviewing 1000’s of candidates and asking a particular question with everyone and its answer is quite interesting. 

The question is “what is your goal in life?”

99% of them say want to 

make good cash, 

want to become a manager, 

want to become a rich man, 

want to become a leader, 

want to become a good person 

want to have a good position.

See, all these goals are really not a realistic Goal or Desire.

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Let us see an example.

You have your car or bike, and you have started it and want to go. Where? If you don’t know where to go, what will happen?

Where will you reach?

So, you need to have a destination or goal to reach, once you have a goal or destination to reach you can better plan how to go, which road to choose, how the traffic on that road and when will you reach and what will do there? Everything can be planned well in advance.

All these are with planning since you have a destination to go. Am I correct? Yes, absolutely.

Same way in our life we need to have a destination or goal to achieve.

So, we need to plan the Goal in such a way that we will have to achieve it at any cost by better practice than working hard.

There are two types of goals.

Short term goal and Long-term goal.

We have 6 steps to follow and achieve your short term or long term Goal.

So, let us study and practice….

6 Miracle steps to become successful in your life and realize your Goal into an achievement.

  1. Fix the exact amount you desire to achieve. It should be exact, not approximate, and keep it in your mind always.
  2. Tell what exactly you will do to attain this desired amount. Means your effort or work for achieving this goal.
  3. Write down the exact date you want to get the desired amount.
  4. Make a plan for the same and start working on it. Without the proper plan goal cannot be achievable.
  5. Write down your entire statement in a paper, stick it in your bedroom and working room. 
  6. Read it every night before bed and every morning after you get up from bed, realize it and think that you already have the desired amount with you and enjoy the money. See that it’s under your control of imagination.

This way you can fix a goal or desire in your life and realize the desire into reality.

See that your goal is achievable with human effort.

This is a working formula and millions of desired people achieved.

If you want to know more about Making millions Dollar and build a big business empire read a book called 

” Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill”

Good luck friends. Happy Goal setting.

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L K Monu Borkala, Bsc., MBA

CEO of OneCity Technologies Pvt Ltd.


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