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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool through which you can promote your business on Google search and Google Maps. Through Google My Business, you can connect with customers and thereby boost your business through your updates. 

In other words, it is a way of always staying in the limelight. Google My Business enables your business profile to pop up every time someone searches for your business or your products and services.

Google search engine and google maps display your business profile and help customers to connect with you. 

The very fact that Google My Business helps customers to connect with you, is the greatest advantage of Google My Business.

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Let’s look at the various benefits of Google My Business.

Popular Search Engine

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Search engines have become the new encyclopaedias. What’s more interesting is that Google has captured more than 93% of the Search Engine Market share

This goes to show that almost everyone around the world uses Google as their most preferred search engine. 

So, creating a Google My Business profile is the most obvious thing to do. Since Google is a popular search engine, it is a good idea to create a Google My Business account that will exhibit your business profile to customers on Google search and Google maps.

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Instant Pop Up

A user searching for your business will get instant pop-up information about your business and your business/ store location.

This makes it easy for users to identify your location without any hassle. Locating your business easily makes it simple for customers to make an in-house personal visit. Thereby almost necessarily guaranteeing sales.

Surpasses SEO

One of the advantages of Google My Business is that you can surpass all the SEO hacks and tricks and still be on the top of the list. 

When a user types a query in the google search engine a list of top three results along with a map location appears on the page. This is called Googles Local 3 pack. 

For example, if you are searching for a local gym. The user may type Gyms in Mangalore. A list of the top three gyms in Mangalore along with their location appears on the page.

The user tends to look at the first three results. The crux is in getting your business into this list of top three results.

Many businesses follow many SEO guidelines to get their business on top of the search list. However, with a simple Google My Business account, you have better chances of finding yourself on Google’s Local 3 pack.

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Completely Free

Another benefit of Google My Business is that it is a free listing of businesses. Although the market may have business listing more specific to your industry, these listings may come at a small price.

Google My Business is a free tool to showcase your business on one of the world’s largest search engine platforms. 

Having a Google My Business account allows users to connect with you with just a click of a button and at absolutely no cost. 

Easily Manageable

Google My Business is easy and effortless. Business users can provide information to customers on one platform, that is, Google My Business.

This is a straightforward and uncomplicated method of connecting to customers.

Google My Business Updates

Keeping itself abreast with the changing needs of customers, Google My Business updates itself from time to include new features that enhance your business prospects.

The updates are posted from time to time on the Google My Business Help Community.

Google My Business User Ability

One of the benefits of Google business is that users of Google My Business can make updates, promotional posts, or announcements to their business search profile. 

Google My Business users can upload photos and upcoming events on their account profile. Using marketing techniques, users can upload information accordingly.

This gives flexibility to the user to employ unique promotional techniques.

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Messaging Facility Through Google My Business

Google My Business allows users to directly chat and message with their customers. This allows users to answer customer queries and obtain customer information through direct messaging.

This is a quick response service that attracts customers.

Video Facility Through Google My Business

Another advantage of using Google My Business is that it allows you to post promotional videos of your business for customer benefit. 

According to Wyzowl video marketing statistics 2020,

  • 85% of marketers use video as a marketing tool
  • 92% claim that it is an important part of marketing
  • 87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website
  • 95% claim that videos have given customers a better understanding of their products and services
  • 89% claim that videos give them a good return on their investment

Owing to the large benefit of video marketing, Google My Business now allows its users to upload business-related videos on Google My Business account.

Earn Credibility

Google My Business owner has more credibility than a non-user. This is because customers are aware of the verification procedure to get a Google My Business account.

The very fact that your business is on Google My Business itself assures the customer that your business is genuine.

Customer Feedback

One of the benefits of Google My business is that it allows customers to give feedback and ratings to your business. Good star ratings always attract other potential customers to your business.

Generally, customers looking for products and services browse through the internet and look for ratings on businesses. Customers opt for products and services that have 5-star ratings.

Menu Tool

Google My Business offers the menu tool to businesses that require to have a tariff card or any type of listing. It allows users to edit the menu card without involving a third party

Heat Map

Heat maps are pictorial representations of core activity. This is just what Google My Business provides its users.

Google My Business shows its users a heat map showing the area of the bulk of the activity or where most customers ask for directions to your business location.

This is beneficial for marketing information. It shows you what demography of customers are interested in your products and services.

This allows you to concentrate on promotional activities in a particular region, thereby garnering more customers.

Google My Business Helps to Expand Your Own Business

One of the features available in Google My Business is that it shows you what other items customers searched for in relation to your business search.

This allows you to expand the horizons of your own business and provide the customers with other related products.

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Easy Website Builder

Another Google My business benefit is that you can construct your own free website using the website builder tool available on Google My Business.

Customer Engagement

If you are a service provider or even sell a product that requires a demo, then Google My Business allows customers to book an appointment directly through your business profile.

One of Google My Business’s benefits is that it allows customers to directly connect with you without any hassle of call transfers, recorded messages, or call waiting. 

Support System

Google My Business has a help support community that helps you to optimally use the tool. The community provides answers to queries and also provides information on industry best practices for your business.

On a Closing Note

Connecting with Google in any form is good for your business and getting a Google My Business account is an added advantage.

With Google My business, be sure that you will be able to connect directly with a wider range of prospective customers. Google My Business puts your business on the map.

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