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Firstly, What Is Content Marketing?

It is that form of marketing that disseminates information to a target audience through various means. Content marketing is the process of divulging valuable information to the audience.

There are various forms of content marketing. However, all forms of content marketing have one thing in common and that is, it is a powerhouse of information.

To understand clearly what exactly content marketing is, let’s look at some examples from the past.

In the early 1900s Michelin, A French National tyre manufacturing company developed something called the Michelin guide.

These were a series of printed and published guides that provided general information to drivers on automobile care and maintenance and other automobile-related subjects.

Another example of content marketing in the early 1900s was that of the desert brand Jell-O of the Company Kraft Heinz, Chicago. The Jell-o Salesmen distributed their dessert cookbooks for free to the public.

All the above examples of marketing have content as their main source of information. They were able to target the audience through the content they provided to them.

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With online sales gaining impetus, content marketing is almost ruling the marketing scene. Good and relevant content can make a brand successful.

Below, we have provided a brief of some of the advantages of content marketing

Content Marketing Benefits

In Content Marketing, There Is No Beating Around the Bush

Content marketing is the dissemination of information to the audience. Businesses usually divulge only necessary information to the target audience. There is no scope for irrelevant information in content marketing.

Google Identifies Good Content

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Google is one of the top search engines with a search engine market share of 91.45% as of January 2021. Other search engines in the market include Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and Ask to name a few.

However, Google rules the search engine market share world over.

With Google on top of the charts, it is obvious that you have to impress Google to be recognised. This is where good content marketing comes in to play because Google loves good content.

Google aims at providing the right information and giving the user exactly what he asks for. With the right content, Google will find you and place you on the map.

In other words, good content increases your Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO) chances

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Increases Brand Value and Sales

One of the core benefits of content marketing is that it increases sales. When your brand is placed on the global map your brand image gets noticed.

This in turn leads to an increase in sales as people will buy a known product rather than an unheard product of the same nature.

Content marketing does just that. It divulges information about your brand, thereby making the audience familiar with your products or services.

The more familiar your brand is the more likely a customer is going to buy your product or service.

Content marketing increases brand value in such a way, that, for example, a company engaged in the sale of dry fruits and nuts, publishes an informative article online about the health benefits of consuming these items.

Consumers will read the informative article and be aware of your brand at the same time.

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Increases Value of Your Social Media Presence

Good content increases the value of your brand on social media. Creating trending content for social media is the top priority for businesses today.

The increase in the use of social media has paved the way for yet another marketing technique- social media marketing.

Content placed over social media has the power to attract new customers across the various channels of social media.

Generate Trust and Loyalty with Customers

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Another benefit of content marketing is that it establishes a rapport with your customers thereby generating a feeling of trust and loyalty.

Content usually contains relevant information the customer needs and requires. Providing them with the right information about your product or service without expecting anything in return from your customers, impresses the target audience.

It’s a Promotion without Actual Advertising

Good content does not have a sales pitch or sales tone to it. Content marketing usually involves the divulgence of relevant information without coercion to buy your product or service.

Content marketing is basically a subtle promotion of your brand.

Good content should be disseminated in such a way that the customer does not know that he is being attracted to your brand.

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Content Marketing Helps You to Cruise All the Way

Businesses that adopt content marketing methods for the promotion of a brand need not spend time or money on follow up campaigns.

Content marketing ensures your brand is in the public eye for a sufficient period of time. Therefore, recurring expenditure on promotional campaigns can be avoided.

Content Marketing Helps Direct Customers to Your Website

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When a customer comes across interesting content, they are more likely to visit your website after reading the article.

Adding links to articles helps to direct interested customers to your blog or website which hosts your products or services for sale.

Sometimes, other websites or articles can link to your content thereby making your content more popular. This is one of the core benefits of content marketing.

The more links that others provide to your pages, the more likely you will be ranked among the top on Google.

Content Marketing Eases the Work of Customer Services

Another content marketing benefit is that it eases the monotonous work of customer services. Usually, customer services handle monotonous questions related to the product or service.

However, writing a related article answering all those questions can reduce the work of customer services.

Peoples Preference

It is a known fact that people browse the internet for answers they are looking for. This is one of the key factors on which content marketing depends nowadays.

With relevant content out in the open, customers rarely resort to customer care calls. Content marketing is a big-time saver for customers.

Content Marketing Should Be Your Top Priority

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Irrespective of the type of marketing you choose to market your brand, the content market must most definitely be part of your marketing techniques. In fact, content marketing is included in all the various types of marketing.

Choosing the right words that keep customers engrossed and at the same time answers, all their question is the key to good content marketing.

Content marketing has the power to attract new customers and already existing customers into repeat buyers.

Content marketing is being able to tell a story. A story that finally results in developing customer trust and loyalty.

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