6 Proven Selling Steps and Sales Techniques

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Better Sales Presentation

Steps to be followed while presentation

  1. Preparation and Planning
  2. Preparing about your self
  3. Preparing for the clients
  4. Introduction
  5. Wish the client
  6. Say your name
  7. Say the representing your company name
  8. Ask for the permission to continue
  9. Say the purpose of the call
  10. Give the brief description of the services and its benefits and present offers.
  11. Fix an appointment for a premise visit and one to one presentation.
  12. Thanks the client for his precious time with you and reconfirm the appointment.
  13. Fact Finding: use note book and ask clients permission to make note of client’s information.
  14. Confirm the research you made about the client information in online and paraphrase it.
  15. Ask open ended questions on about the businesses, branches, products and services, competitors, promotions and sales & future plan. Make sure that client needs more and more enquiry and business.
  16. Presentation:
  17. Use available resources,
  18. Show the projects we did for our existing clients.
  19. Show google search,
  20. Google my business page, reviews and other activities in it.
  21. Show our brochures and explain the available packages
  22. Say the features and show its benefits to the clients and create buying signals.
  23. Objection Handling: if there is any query throughout the presentation answer it here with evidence and clear all the client’s doubts. Whenever client has a question or query make a note of it and answer in this step. Most of the time query will be resolved in the presentation, but still if u make a note of it as he/she has raises the objections, questions and queries. Here reconfirm it again so that client buying signal confirmed.
  24. Closing: this is the end of all your effort, research & presentation. This is very important step and most of the sales people fail in this step. They don’t know how to close the sales.
  25. Closing may happen any time in the process of presentation.
  26. Find the buying signal and immediately take out order form and start filling the form.
  27. Take client seal and ask him to sign.
  28. ASK is it cash, cheque or online transfer?
  29. Take out receipt book and ask can I have cheque no.
  30. ask in which name you want to raise bill
  31. ask GST no so that you will confirm the order

There are various closing format and since its time consuming, we may discuss it as we grow here.

Terminology used in sales presentation

  1. Research
  2. Product Knowledge
  3. Marketing Representative
  4. Sales Executive
  5. Sales career
  6. MAN
  7. Qualify for MAN
  8. PTC
  9. ICR
  10. Rapport
  11. Follow up
  12. Presentation
  13. Visual aid
  14. Cold call
  15. Premise visit
  16. Direct visit
  17. Tele Call
  18. Tele Sales
  19. Tele marketing
  20. Mirroring
  21. Goal.

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