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influencer marketing

People have been buying and selling things all over the world since even before the invention of currency. Come the 21st century, we are on the verge of becoming cashless societies.

However, with all the changes that we and our economies have passed through one thing has always remained the same. Consumers still trust word-of-mouth.

In other words, consumers are greatly influenced by the word-of-mouth advertising they get from their friends and family.

This form of advertising is far more potent than advertisements coming straight from the companies. With the social media boom, influencer marketing has become the most active and hottest marketing strategy in the present digital world.

Influencer marketing is essential, an old trick in a new box. It uses the idea of celebrity endorsement and places it into a content-driven marketing campaign of the modern world.

The chief difference, however, is that the influencers and brands collaborate to achieve the desired results of the marketing campaign.

What Is Meant by Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing focuses on influential people for marketing instead of targeting the market as a whole. It identifies individuals having influence over potential buyers and direct their marketing activities around such influencers.

Plainly put, influencer marketing is the form of marketing where a brand collaborates with an online influencer to market one of its services or products.

Sometimes, the marketing can be very subtle and will not involve the promotion of a product at all. Instead, the influencers will be used only to improve brand recognition.

A very good example of understanding influencer marketing would be the top YouTube channels giving the latest smartphone review.

People follow such influencers to gain knowledge about new cellphones. But the main reason people follow influencers is to know what the influencer thinks about the product.

This is where the buying decision is made and when an influencer signals their preference for a particular model and company, a very potent advertising message has been delivered on behalf of the brand.

Who’s an Influencer?


An individual who can influence the opinion or behavior of people is an influencer. It is the kind of person whose suggestions have a significant influence over consumers’ purchase decisions.

Social media influencers put in a lot of hard work over a long period to produce quality content and build a loyal, organic following.

Their content has proved to be trustworthy and profitable to their audience. Hence, the influencer’s view concerning a particular product of a specific company has a strong impact on their audience’s buying preferences.

Influencer Marketing Benefits

In the present human existence of virtual living, influencer marketing may be considered the most trending form of marketing strategy.

This is so because the present-day customer is well-informed. However, the information comes from online influencers whose views are considered to be trustworthy and hence highly influential in their audience’s buying decisions.

Hence influence marketing benefits cannot be ignored in the modern digital realm and here are some benefits of influencer marketing.

1. Credibility and Trust

People don’t blindly follow influencers. They follow them because they are inspired by them and trust their opinions.

Besides, influencers with a loyal following have established themselves as subject matter experts in their particular niche. Thus, their recommendation and insight are highly valued by their supporters.

Hence, a social media influencer recommending your product or service has a greater sway over their followers than just mere advertising.

The followers trust their influencer and thus, using the influencer boosts your brand credibility and trust.

2. Focus and Relevance

By collaborating with an influencer whose niche matches your product, you connect with the relevant audience. As a matter of fact, subject relevance is the main reason that generates high ROI from influencer marketing.

For example, if you are a musical instruments producer, it is only wise to collaborate with an influencer who is an expert on musical instruments.

Naturally, their followers are into music and seeking the latest in the field. Hence, the influencer will take your brand directly to the relevant consumers and influence them with his opinions thereby driving sales.

3. It’s Suggestive and Not Pushy

Of the many reasons to make use of influencer marketing is the fact that it is not pushy advertising. Its effectiveness lies in its being subtle and mildly suggestive.

This is so because the followers have wilfully followed the influencer and their content. So any message coming from the influencer appears honest and not pushy.

One can note that users now can block advertising and most online consumers use some form of ad-blockers. Thus the only reliable way to reach consumers is through influencers that provide authentic and valuable content.

4. Target Audience Gets Valuable Insights

Influencer marketing benefits the target audience by providing them value. For example, several famous YouTubers make videos on products.

They provide insights and valuable information on the products making their content a valuable source of knowledge for their audience.

Influencer marketing is so potent that anyone trying to buy some product, say a digital camera will first search for online reviews on the product by multiple influencers.

They research based on the research of the influencers and come to a well-informed conclusion on what to purchase.

5. Quicker Customer Acquisition

Influencer marketing drives quicker customer acquisition since the influencer already has your target audience. Thus, the conversion rate is higher.

Most of the audience of the influencer is already there because they are interested in the content and are on the verge of making a purchase. Hence, by collaborating with the influencer, you quickly gain customers and conversion rates.

6. Boosts SEO


It is worth knowing that one of the greatest influences on your search engine ranking is Domain Authority. The score achieved by a website based on how informative, useful, and relevant content it has is called Domain Authority.

So, if your website gets backlinks from high-authority sites, then your site is presumed to have good content.

Thus, if your influencer has a high Domain Authority and leaves back a link to your website, it will naturally boost your search ranking. In this way, influencer marketing also boosts SEO efforts.

7. Pocket Friendly

Generally, influencer marketing isn’t expensive as long as you are not going to hire celebrities. Also one must note that celebrities attract a generic audience and although the message may reach many, the conversion rate is always very less.

So instead, bet your buck on micro-influencers. They may have far fewer followers than celebrities, but they are more invested in them.

Besides, a majority of micro-bloggers charge less money for a sponsored post. Also, they often work in exchange for free products, services, or affiliates.

8. Supports Your Content Strategy

It is a challenging task to continuously produce new and engaging content. So to fill in the shortage in ideas for new content, make use of influencer marketing and support your content strategy.

You can strike a deal with the influencer to co-create content and this can help immensely in your content strategy as influencers are keen on creating aesthetically pleasing quality content.

9. Improve Brand Awareness and Reach

There are many forms of advertising but with influencer marketing, you are reaching directly to your target audience.

Influencer marketing gives you the all-around benefits of greater brand awareness and reaches coupled with an increased conversion rate.

The voice of the influencer influences their followers tremendously and thus, an influencer recommending your products or your brand grants you a potent increase in the visibility. With more visibility comes more brand awareness.

10. Suitable for All Sizes of Business and Industry

Of its many profits, influencer marketing benefits can be availed by any business or industry irrespective of its size. All it needs is someone influential in your industry and all you need to do is leverage them for your marketing.


In conclusion, influencer marketing is a got to for effective marketing in the digital world. However, one must remember that the effectiveness of influencer marketing is directly dependent on the choice of influencer.

The right selection will award you with great results. Besides, influencer marketing is a long-term relationship with the influencer giving mutual benefits.

This article explains the benefits of influencer marketing in detail, but you can always get in touch with the expert team of OneCity to make use of all the other ways of making your business a success in the digital world.

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