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  • How to Increase the Website Traffic?
  • How to increase website traffic for free?
  • How to increase website traffic through Google?

How to Increase the Website Traffic

A website is your calling card, identity, and platform for business but without traffic it’s pointless.

Millions of people are online at any given moment and capturing their attention through a website is the Holy Grail but it’s easier said than done.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned website owner, the hunt for new untapped traffic sources never ceases.

Meanwhile, only getting traffic will not suffice for one needs quality traffic to achieve conversion rate. Quality traffic means the kind which improves your revenue.

There are free ways to increase website traffic as well as paid ways to increase website traffic. Although search engines and social media would be the best source of traffic, they do keep changing their algorithms regularly.

So a website owner has to rely on several methods to gain and keep maintaining the website traffic flow.

How to Increase Website Traffic for Free

Before venturing into the realm of paid methods to gain quality traffic it’s wise to make use of the easy and free ways to increase website traffic.

More traffic does not always mean well for a business but using the right tips to increase website traffic can get you both, traffic and leads. So here are 10 ways to increase website traffic for free.

1. Up-To-Date Google Business Profile

Google is the largest search engine in the world and most websites get their traffic through it. It is worth noting that Google gives great importance to business profiles.

Therefore making use of Google Business Profile is essential. The service is free and since it helps local SEO, it will immensely improve your website visibility on local searches.

By building a strong Google My Business profile, you can drive traffic to your site easily and free.

Just fill in all the details including images, contact number, FAQ, and the lot. Remember to keep updating by adding new images and getting online reviews will give your business a boost.

2. Use Online Directories

Google might be the largest search engine globally but there are other search engines too and a webmaster must make use of them too.

So it is necessary to send the website link to other search engines like Baidu, Yandex, Bing, and Yahoo to get a global reach in places like China and Russia.

Businesses also need to get listed on online directories and review sites as well.

3. Become an Active Forum Member


An easy place to find targeted audiences or communities is on online forums. Sites like Quora, Reddit, and Yahoo Answers have a large number of untapped groups of customers that can become potential leads.

Advertising on such forums is not recommended but instead, work towards building bonds with the desired communities.

This is achieved by providing answers and other inf+ormative content. Eventually, one will be able to leave back a link or even start promoting one’s brand.

4. Create Shareable Videos

In the 21st-century humans have developed a short attention span. People like to watch moving images than to read through lines of text.

This is where videos are an advantage. Videos are easy to understand and are a great form of SEO.

Videos on a website increase the time on the page and consequently inform search engines that visitors like the website. This will soon website ranking will improve.

5. Know Thy Audience

Blindly writing unrelated content is worthless. Do not write articles just for the sake of writing. Instead have a defined target audience and create content that is relevant, thorough, and tailors to their needs.

6. Use Landing Pages

A website can gain an enormous advantage by having landing pages. These pages are dedicated to a particular offer, campaign, or product and are conversion-optimized.

These pages are search-engine friendly and increase website traffic by getting a targeted audience.

7. On-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a group of methods used to attain a higher ranking on search engines thereby getting more website traffic.

On-Page SEO is a part of SEO that looks after creating well-structured content, meta tags, title tags, optimized images, internal links, and URLs. It helps in ensuring all pages of the website are search engine optimized.

8. Fresh Latest Content

Content freshness is a key factor in deciding web page ranking. Google likes websites that provide new data and frequently update their content.

It shows that there is constant activity on the web page and will help favorably when the search engine indexes the page.

9. Use Long-Tail Keywords


Short-tail keywords are easy to type and attract much traffic but are in tough competition. On the other hand, Long-Tail keywords have a better chance to rank and gain quality traffic.

For example, a short-tail keyword like “freelance musician” will have to compete with a higher volume while “freelance musician Bangalore” will compete with a smaller, targeted, and better-defined competition.

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10. Off-Page SEO

Getting backlinks from other related reputed websites will get you more traffic and also increase your authority. But make sure the linking websites are trusted and not spammers.

11. Use Internal Linking

A website has external and internal links and both need to be strengthened. Strong internal links indicate a good connection between pages, improved site navigation adds up to increased time on site.

In other words, a website with good internal linking makes it comfortable for both, visitors and search engines to interact with.

12. Provide Free Exclusive Content

Create original content not to be found elsewhere and provide it for free. It can be a course, e-book, presentation, slideshow, interview, or whitepaper.

Use the free content as a lead magnet by exchanging access to the material by gathering contact details.

13. Responsive Web Design

Online traffic is split between desktop and mobile devices and your website needs to work flawlessly on either platform.

A responsive web design will make sure the website adapts seamlessly to any screen size and provide a fast, user-friendly experience to the visitor irrespective of the device.

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14. Active Social Media Presence

Staying active on social media is a proven free way to get website traffic. Create a professionally designed social media profile with an engaging bio, attractive photos, and do regular posts.

Leave back a link to your website on the profile and be present in all the trending social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and more.

15. Don’t Miss Trends

One has to be up-to-date on what is trending online. Trends come and go but catching the right wave can reap immense profits.

It is very challenging to predict a trend but using a free tool from Google called Google Trends, one can find what is trending across the world.

16. Guest Article

Write a guest article for a reputed website and leave a backlink to your website to get referral traffic.

Another way would be to invite an influential figure for an interview on your blog or to write a guest article. Promoting this on social media will attract attention from their followers.

17. Shareable Content with Share Buttons

If your web content is shareable then naturally it will increase website visibility. So make sure to add social share buttons to all your content be it posts, videos, products, services, images, or anything with information value.

Social sharing has a ripple effect and can make your content go viral.

How to Increase Website Traffic Through Google

Google search engine is the major source of the traffic to almost any website on the planet. So a business must know how to make use of Google and its several apps to gain quality traffic to one’s website.

The methods used can be free or paid and are mentioned so. Here are 5 ways How to increase website traffic through Google.

1. Use Google Question Hub (Free)

Google has created Question Hub as a tool for content creators to create rich content by answering people’s queries.

However, the answer rate here is not all that good. However, content writers can use the tool to find the most often asked question by the people, write content for unanswered questions and submit the article link.

In other words, write an article or blog post on the unanswered question and submit the link to Question Hub. It may take a little while to see some traffic but soon, the trickle will convert into a stream. Sometimes good results are seen the very next day.

2. Backlinks from Google Sites (Free):

Another potent way to get powerful backlinks is through Google Sites. The service is free and helps in faster ranking of low competition long-tail keywords.

Create a site here, leave a backlink with a “Call to Action” button and gain a powerful backlink to your website. You can create as many backlinks as you want through different Google sites. Just don’t abuse it with too many redirects in the content.

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3. Optimize Google Business Profile (Free):

As mentioned earlier in the article, get listed on Google business listing and fill in all the details along with a link back to your website. Keep your profile regularly updated and reap profits from local SEO.

4. Google Ads (Paid)

Google adwords

Get your website to show up at the top of the search results on Google through Google Ads. People with a marketing budget can consider this method.

Although on the slightly expensive side, it will most definitely drive traffic to your website. Besides, the results start showing real quick. The ads are shown to target keywords and you pay only when the ad is clicked.

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5. Google Map Ads (Paid):

This is an option provided in Google Ads where one can select the preference to show one’s business on the top of Google Maps search results. This will create extra exposure to your website and provide a lot of traffic.


A website is alive when it has traffic and the thirst for more traffic is unceasing. The methods mentioned in this article on how to increase website traffic for free will guide you to achieving a continuous flow of quality traffic.

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