Awesome 16 Off Page SEO Techniques that Work!

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  • What is off-page SEO techniques?
  • Awesome 15 Off-Page SEO Techniques that Work!

16 Amazing Off Page SEO Techniques that Work!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the gateway to achieving a good rank for a webpage in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) such as Google, Yandex, Bing, and others.

The technique for example includes the use of keywords in the copy, ensuring the page’s meta title has the primary keyword, and optimizing image alt tags.

However, SEO is not limited to just that but is divided further into three categories Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO.

All three work together to get that much sought-after rank to a website. Although Technical SEO is done initially and most importance is given to ON-Page SEO, the OFF-Page SEO is of equal importance.

OFF-page SEO helps a website become popular on the whole and not just by a single page or post.

This is the importance of off-page SEO and is necessary as search engines evaluate a website on a variety of factors including location, relevance, and content variety.

Thus knowing what off-page SEO techniques to use is vital. Having an off-page SEO checklist or understanding off-page SEO factors will complete the entire SEO of a website to gain the best SERP position.

What are off-page SEO techniques?

Essentially, all optimization actions that take place beyond the website and never in it are collectively known as off-page SEO techniques.

It could be anything from a guest post to a social media post or even a review page with the website URL mentioned in it.

To have a concrete SEO strategy one must not forget off-page SEO factors. It is well-advised to have an off-page SEO checklist and this article gives you 15 Awesome off-Page Seo Techniques that Work.

1. Produce Shareable Content

Content that is attractive and shareable naturally gets more visibility. Content is the king in SEO and creating amazing, shareable content, it generates more natural backlinks to your website. Bear in mind to keep your content up-to-date and fresh.

2. Use Influencers

Reach out to influencers in your industry and ask them to check out the share-worthy content on your website. Ask for backlinks from their websites.

This will give a form of validation to your website but take note to get backlinks only from domains that are completely relevant to your content.

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3. Write Guest Articles

Guest Blogging

Many quality websites are open for guest posts and you should make use of this. Create an amazing article and get in touch with the desired website.

The aim is to gain quality links and not quantity. Also, don’t overdo the trick by writing multiple guest articles for the same website.

4. Extensive Use of Social Media

Social media is where one captures people’s attention, so it is imperative to engage with people on multiple social media platforms.

The presence of a business or a website on social media will gain it more backlinks and also grow the business.

Therefore your off-page SEO list must include social media engagement in all such sites including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, tumbler, and more.

5. Utilize Social Bookmarking Sites

One of the best platforms to promote your website and gain natural backlinks is through Social Bookmarking Sites. These sites specialize in providing easy information on what’s popular and trending in a specific industry.

Thus when your post or page is bookmarked on popular social bookmarking websites, you generate high website traffic. Some of the popular bookmarking sites are,,,,, and others.

6. Connect with Forums

Become a part of search forums related to your business or website. Create a connection with the community by giving suggestions, and advice, and replying to queries and threads.

This works well only with “Do Follow” forums like,,,, and

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7. Submit Links to Blog Directories

Blog directories are constantly working to build quality backlinks so select a proper category in an effective directory.

It is worth noting that this might take some time to deliver desired results but the good results will last for a longer period.

Some of the recommended blog directory submission sites are,,,, and

8. Use Article Submission Directory

Share your articles in a high PR article submission directory along with links to your website. Bear in mind to write unique and high-quality content devoid of keyword stuffing.

Low-quality content with overuse of keywords is likely to get rejected. Submit the articles to Free Article Submission sites like,,,, and

9. Invest Effort in QnA Sites


The Internet is full of questions that seek answers so take advantage by providing answers to them. This will help in generating high traffic to your website.

Join high PR question-and-answer sites and provide answers to questions related to your business or website. Leave back a link to your website and in turn, it will increase site visibility.

Some essential Question and Answer Websites that can be used for off-page SEO are,,,, and

10. Video Submission Sites

Make your videos popular through video submission sites. Such sites naturally have high PR and help in providing quality backlinks to your website.

Just give a good title, description, tags, and reference links. Some of the reputed video submission sites are,,, and

11. Info-Graphic Submission Sites

Another off-page SEO technique to popularize a website is to submit infographics to popular infographic submission websites like,,,, and

12. Document Sharing Websites

Create unique, attractive documents in pdf or ppt formats on a subject relating to your business or blog and submit them to document sharing websites like,,,, and

13. Make Use of Press Release

One important method of off-page SEO technique is to literally go off the page. Do a press release on your website and its services. Giving ads on print media is also an off-page SEO strategy to spread brand awareness.

14. Google My Business

This is another free Google product that will assist in local SEO ranking. Google My Business has several places that can be used to optimize the content and links and thereby attract social traffic to your website.

15. Web2.0 Submission

This is another off-page SEO optimization technique where subdomains are created in high domain authority websites like, tumbler, blogger, WordPress, and others.

Some best tips to follow for 2.0 is to keep sharing amazing content with a backlink and regularly update the site.

16. Post Comments on Blogs


You can post comments on relevant blogs to create a traffic flow to your website. Just leave a proper comment and a backlink to your site.


A website works at full potential only when it has an all-around SEO plan and the importance of off-page SEO cannot be stressed enough.

Making an off-page SEO task list by taking into account off-page SEO factors will go a long way in achieving that desired rank in search engines.

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